2 Elements Riding and Horsemanship

Address: 7 Flaxton St. Ormeau QLD 4208
Phone: 0413 337 007

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Much More Than Just

Riding And Horsemanship

"Wow, I felt like my horse and I were one, I thought about what I wanted to do and it happened", 2 Elements Riding and Horsemanship blends riding skills and horsemanship awareness to create this kind of harmonious connection.

Are horse riding and horsemanship the same thing? Not necessarily. In my experience it's important to think about how riding and horsemanship actually differ.

Riding is often about the skills. We've all heard instructors say,"heels down", "sit up straight", "hands quiet", etc. We know that learning sound riding skills is important but is that enough?

Not if you want that magical connection of being at one with your horse.

Horsemanship is about developing the connection between the horse and rider. How do you establish that magical connection? By following the 2 Elements program.

2 Elements Riding and Horsemanship is a journey of classical riding skills, listening to your horse and listening to yourself.

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