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360 Bar and Dining

Address: At Centrepoint 100 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 8223 3800
Email: enquiries@360dining.com.au, events@360dining.com.au

Tags: wheelchair access, parking, fully licensed, no byo, europian, modern australian

Serving the main cuisine of European and modern Australia with fully licensed bar and NO BYO, 360 Bar and Dining is the place to get most of your dining experience from. Located in the most alluring incarnation of Sydney Tower Level 1, sophisticatedly designed by Dreamtime Design’s Michael McCann, surely your entire stay in 360 Bar and Dining will be memorable and fun-filled!

Hailed from its name - 360 Bar, one can see Sydney and what lies beyond it due to the 360 degree view because of the revolving floor which is above sea level , 305 meters high to give the guest a unique and unconventional dining time with family, friends and loved ones. The revolving floor is not just a mere function; it is designed to revolve to get a perfect view of Sydney.

The entire ambience is dramatic coupled with stylish embellishments of pendant light sculptures, soft ambient lighting, hand carved mahogany interiors with mirror and bronze walls together with chocolate-brown leathered chairs and booths plus the sought after glimpse of the attraction, a tortoise-shell cocktail bar which is illuminated and is six meters long which looks like it is suspended in space. The 360 Bar and Dining has the most breathtaking setting together with the best European and modern Australian cuisine.

Their innovative interior designs give their guest that ultimate restaurant dining experience with sumptuous gastronomic cuisine that will surely oomph their dining journey.

To complete your evening with delectable drinks, 360 Bar and Dining offers a list of Australian and international wine and cocktail menu, the perfect way to start or end your dining event.

360 Bar and Dining is the glamorous incarnation of Sydney Tower's Level 1 restaurant, lavishly refitted by acclaimed designer Michael McCann of Dreamtime Design.The unique revolving floor system 305 metres above sea level enables guests to enjoy a dining journey, with 360 degree views of Sydney and beyond. With dramatic pendant light sculptures and an interior of hand-carved mahogany, bronze and mirror walls and chocolate-brown leather booths and chairs, 360 Bar and Dining is truly one of the most striking and elegant restaurants Sydney has seen. The illuminated six-metre long tortoise-shell bar, seemingly suspended in space, is sure to become a place to see and be seen in Sydney's cocktail culture.

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