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4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Address: 181-187 Hay Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9212 0380
Email: media@4a.com.au

Tags: gallery, asian art, contemporary art

If you are into the field of art, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is where you should be. They exhibit Asian art, contemporary art and gallery. This Art center was formed through the idea of the Asian Australian Artist Association Inc or 4A to showcase the art talents of Asia in Australia. 4A has been operational since 1999 and they are registered as a non-profit organization in Australia that aims to promote contemporary Asian art.

4A is devoted to discover the artistic dialogue that somehow emerged Australia’s economic, political and cultural relationships with Asia turn more vital and dynamic. 4A strongly considers that the multi-faceted and complex relationship of Asia and Australia can be explored through the use of contemporary art.

4A came up with an innovative and inclusive atmosphere for contemporary artists to discover and explore Australia within the region. Teaming up with top Australian government agencies and organizations, 4A is giving emerging and established artists the opportunities for them to improve their work. 4A is the one of the best place for artists to enhance their talents and skills.

4A provides a constant exhibition program together with supplemental seminars, talks, public projects and trainings. 4A is a center for cross-cultural debate and discussion. Not only does it aim the influences brought by the relationship of Asia and Australia, it also aims to raise awareness of cultural diversity through Asian-Australian art and culture.

4A’s modern-day art program wishes to develop productive and creative partnerships between the organizations, the artists and the community. 4A is located in Sydney's Chinatown, on a historic building’s two floors.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is an initiative of the AsianAustralian Artists Association Inc. Since 1996, 4A has operated as a not for profitorganisation committed to promoting contemporary Asian art in Australia.

4A is dedicated to exploring the artistic dialogue that has evolved asAustralia’s cultural, political and economic relationships with Asia become more dynamic and vital. We believe that contemporary art has the potential to explore the complex and multi-faceted relationship between Asia and Australia.

4A provides an inclusive and innovative environment for contemporary artists to investigate Australia’s place within the region. Collaborating with leading Australian organisations and Government agencies, 4A offers opportunities for both established and emerging artists to develop their work. .

We present a continuous exhibition program supplemented with talks, seminars and public projects. Through our contemporary art program, we aim to develop creative and productive partnerships between artists, organisations and the community. 4A is a hub for cross-cultural discussion and debate.

4A is located on two floors of an historic building in Sydney's Chinatown.

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