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A La Castina School of Wholistic Horsemanship

Address: Freemans Reach Hawkesbury Valley NSW 2756
Phone: 02 4579 6284

Tags: horse riding school, horse riding

From two people of different cultures, with a passion and devotion to respect the absolute art of horsemanship, come A La Castina School of Wholistic Horsemanship.

The two persons, Christina Selby and Davyd Castro united to create the school.

Davyd was a gaucho from Argentina. He studied horsemanship at the School of Equestrian Art of the Republica of Argentina. Christina Selby was born in the Australian outback. She was a drover's daughter who followed a long line of horse people whose ancestral history and tradition can be traced back to the old Spanish horsemanship.

The literal translation of the 'School of Wholistic Horsmanship' is 'escuela integral de arte equestre,' which are the integrated and the rational training systems which come from equitation’s two major historical schools.

A La Castina School of Wholistic Horsemanship is very pleased show how its training form is implemented through principles and practice just like how it has been executed for centuries. The principles and practice followed by the school has been brought by the Spanish settlers to the Latin Americas. They got and learned the methods of riding and schooling from the Moorish Arab occupation which they witnessed for 800 years.

The primary objective of A La Castina's is the preservation of the traditional form of art of true classical equitation which they do by training, teaching, specialized equipment and breeding.

Both Christina and Davyd have a lifetime of skills and knowledge about horses and they both have strong backgrounds in general horsemanship and classical training thereby giving them the ability to provide unequalled service to their clients and students.

'A La Castina School of Wholistic Horsemanship' was created by two people from different cultures who are passionate and devoted to respecting the entire art of horsemanship.

'A La Castina' is the unity of Davyd Castro, a gaucho from Argentina who studied horsemanship at the School of Equestrian Art of the Republica of Argentina and Christina Selby born in the Australian outback as a drover's daughter, following a long line of horse people tracing back to an ancestral history and tradition of Spanish horsemanship.

The 'School of Wholistic Horsmanship' literally translates 'escuela integral de arte equestre' - the rational and integrated training systems of the two major historical schools of equitation.

We are proud to show how a form of training is carried out in practice and principles, as it has been done for centuries, and brought to the Latin Americas by the Spanish settlers, the methods of schooling and riding that they had learned during the 800 years of Moorish Arab occupation.

'A La Castina's primary objectives are to preserve the art of true classical equitation in its traditional form through our teaching, training, breeding and specialised equipment.

Davyd and Christina have a lifetime of knowledge and skills with horses, and with a strong background in classical training and general horsemanship are able to provide an unequalled service.

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