Active Laser Skirmish Melbourne

Address: Robinsons Rd Langwarrin VIC 3910
Phone: 03 5979 2456

Tags: laser skirmish

Active Laser Skirmish located at Robinsons Rd Langwarrin VIC 3910. You may book a game at your place or use their site location In Langwarrin Melbourne. Active Laser Skirmish has an open space and bush surroundings. On their site in Langwarrin Melbourne, Active Laser Skirmish uses inflatable which includes a fort set-up. The perfect skirmish field inflatables are made of the same material as Jumping Castles and are set-up using Air Blower Vacs Inflatable which Enable Active Laser to go anywhere and use indoor facilities when large enough space is available. It Is Also Great for Outdoor Set-Up all over Melbourne Victoria.

Active Laser Skirmish could hold for events such as schools and recreational groups, bucks and hens in which no alcoholic drinks are permitted within the site, corporate & business events and fundraising. They also have the Night Skirmish which adds a new dimension to the game of Laser Skirmish.

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