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Adriano Zumbo Balmain

Address: 296 Darling St Balmain NSW 2041
Phone: 02 9555 1199
Email: info@adrianozumbo.com

Tags: macarons, outside area, take away, wheelchair access, patisserie, cakes, cafe

An extraordinary pastry chef, Mr. Adriano Zumbo has created a unique set of pastries that shows his great talents and skills. It gathers a lot of appreciation from critics and customers for many reasons. His wonderful creations displayed uniqueness in Australia. You can’t find anything like it.

Adriano’s first taste of his sweet life starts from the lollipops and cake mixes from his folks’ supermarket in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia. With his dedication of mastering the craft of pastry, he was trained in France and Australia and worked at the same time together with a great Australian culinary chef Neil Perry, and with Pierre Herme and Ramon Morato, two international Heavyweights.

He was inspired by great talents around him that he was able to make desserts that displayed their personalities, whether it’s Escape from the Columbian Rainforest or Lukas Rides the Tube. Adriano has a natural curiosity and an exceptional skill for his ingredients. These are his greatest assets.

Adriano Zumbo was named ‚Äú‚ÄėAustralia‚Äôs most effective croquembouche salesman‚Äô‚ÄĚ by Simon Thomsen, a journalist. He was also a made as a household name in Masterchef Australia. Devotees of Adriano‚Äôs patisserie in Balmain and Rozelle cafe would prefer to have Adriano‚Äôs creations kept to themselves.

Aside from the other several up and coming creative projects, Adriano‚Äôs first published book comes out in 2011. Adriano‚Äôs goal is to ‚Äėcaramelise the nation‚Äô done through adding sweetness to people‚Äôs lives, something that is definitely on top of his priorities, as he is on his way to accomplishing his goal.

Adriano Zumbo is no ordinary patissier. His creations elicit admiration from critics and the public alike and for good reason; they‚Äôre unique in concept and execution ‚Äď quite simply, you won‚Äôt find anything else quite like it in Australia.

This country boy’s first taste of the sweet life was raiding the lollies and cake mix from his parent’s Coonamble supermarket. In his pursuit of mastering the art of pastry, he has trained and worked both in Australia and France with Australian culinary greats such as Neil Perry and international heavyweights Ramon Morato and Pierre Herme.

Inspired by the world around him, his desserts tell a story or take on the personality of their namesakes. Whether it’s Lukas Rides the Tube or Escape From a Columbian Rainforest; Adriano’s fertile mind, exceptional skill and natural curiosity for unlikely ingredients are his biggest assets.

Journalist Simon Thomsen may have dubbed Zumbo ‚ÄėAustralia‚Äôs most effective croquembouche salesman‚Äô and Masterchef Australia may have made him a household name, but devotees to his Balmain patisserie and the café in Rozelle would probably prefer to keep his creations to themselves.

2011 will see Adriano‚Äôs first book published, in addition to several other creative projects on the boil. His goal is to ‚Äėcaramelise the nation‚Äô and it certainly seems that he is well on his way.

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