Afghan Village

Address: 923 Burke Rd Camberwell VIC 3124
Phone: 9882 2775

Tags: middle eastern, byo - wine only

Afgan Village is a place in Melbourne to enjoy the taste of Middle East. You don’t need to fly orcross over a hundred mile just to satisfy that craving.

The food is always exquisite and the waiters in Afgan Village are always lovely and friendly. The Afgan Village banquet offers good value if you'd like to try 'a bit of everything' and the menu choices are always wonderful. For anyone who hasn't had Afghan food, it's a little like Middle Eastern food fused with Indian, but lighter.

For entrees, you and your company can enjoy the ashak or lamb dampling and eggplant. You can also enjoy yogurt soup. They also offer caramelised onions. For mains, you can have marinated chicken kebab or lamb kofka balls. You may also try lamb curry. All dishes will give you an impression of eating in the Middle East. Surely, Camberwell has its own Middle East here in Melbourne.

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