Anaconda -Preston

Address: 97 Chifley Dr Preston VIC 3072
Phone: 03 8470 0400

Tags: camping equipment, kayak sales

Anaconda is not just a retail store, it’s an experience. We have the largest range of outdoor products in Australia and source the best gear locally and internationally. Our gear is offered in an environment where visitors can take part in great activities and get the best local advice for their adventures. In-store experiences include climbing pinnacles, kayak testing pools and bike workshops. We offer rentals for a try-before-you-buy experience. Please also feel free to say hello to our scaley friends in the large fish aquariums in-store.

Anaconda only recruits passionate experts to manage our stores — experts in camping, hiking, fishing, four-wheel-driving, cycling, kayaking, snorkelling, diving and rock climbing.

Trying and testing the equipment we sell is a big part of the Anaconda ethos. All our staff, much like our founders and CEO Andre Javes, are seriously passionate about the outdoors and adventure. Andre spends most of his free time camping, hiking and mountain biking with family and friends. ‘Nothing inspires me more than taking time out to enjoy the outdoors. These are the times when I relax completely.

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