Anzac War Memorial

Address: Hyde Park Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9267 7668

Tags: history

The ANZAC Memorial Building in Hyde Park South is the principal State War Memorial in New South Wales to all Australians who served their country in war.

The building completed in 1934, is a concrete structure, clad in stone, designed by Charles Bruce Dellit, with sculptures by Rayner Hoff. The Memorial is administered by a board of Trustees appointed under the Anzac Memorial (Building) Act, 1923, as amended.

The design for the Anzac Memorial chosen to be built was that by Bruce Dellit, a 32 year old Sydney born architect who had trained at Sydney Technical College and Sydney University. He won the design competition in August 1930. Dellit was a leading proponent of the short lived Art Deco style popular in the 1930's. His unique design included not only the contemplative memorial spaces but also offices and rooms to assist those who had returned from World War 1.

Rising above you to a height of 26 metres is the dome of the Hall of Memory. The 120,000 golden stars covering the ceiling honour the men and women from New South Wales who enlisted for service in First World War. From this number, 21,000 were killed, or died later from their wounds, and 50,000 were wounded. Many others were left with the after effects of war, including mental scarring.

An important part of the Memorial's mission is to foster relevant learning experiences for students that develop an understanding of Australian service and sacrifice in war and peacekeeping. The ANZAC Memorial is an ideal educational setting for students to undertake programs that encourage remembrance of our veterans, their service to Australia and their legacy of nationhood - the Anzac spirit.

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