Aquatic Explorers

Address: 40 The Kingsway Cronulla NSW 2210
Phone: 02 9523 1518

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The aquatic realm is as mysterious as the vast space. And exploring it is hard if you don’t have enough and necessary equipment. Sure snorkeling is fun, but wouldn’t it be great to dive in to the deep blue and discover things you haven’t seen or even think about? Good thing Aquatic Explorers offers you the chance to do so.

As a facility for diver training since 1989, they have expanding wider and in 1990, they bought their first charter vessels for diving and with that they also expanded their dive and training operations. And since then, they have continually expanded their main office together with their achievements, renovations and improvement on their facilities, all found at Kingsway, Cronulla.

They teach courses with full ranged TDI, SDI and SSI courses, which allow even the novice of the novices, to be able to survive underwater together with skills and even experience, with instruction from the scuba diving instructor from SSI. These instructors are guaranteed to have the full package, the confidence, the experience, and the professionalism, and you can always put your safety on them with all trust. And because of this, novices who want to make a living out of diving will be able to do so, since the staff members are all trained inside the environment.

And not only do they teach, they also sell new equipments and even second hand equipments, all available at their store, just tucked inside their facility. And if you are very lucky enough to tag along with them on the very special day, you can dive and explore the reefs and coves and blues of famous international waters.

What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Aquatic Explorers are proud to be able to offer you the full range of SSI, TDI and SDI diving courses that allows a novice diver to enter the water and gain skills and experience all the way to SSI Scuba Dive Instructor

There is no better way to learn to dive than with our experienced, confident and professional dive instructors. All our staff are trained in house, with many starting their diving career with us, allowing us to give you a confidence in their level of experience, ability and professionalism.

SSI now offer an online option for the academic portion of your course which makes for a more enjoyable experience. We believe that learning should be fun, so instead of reading a boring textbook simply log on to our SSI training portal and start your adventure immediately. Once you complete your online training, you will then learn how this training relates to "real world" situations in a classroom environment with one of our highly trained instructors.

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