Auburn Botanic Gardens

Address: Cnr Chiswick Rd and Chisholm Rd Auburn NSW 2144

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A place where you can relax and succumb to the surrounding atmosphere is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Lucky for you, the Auburn Botanic Gardens, just at the corner between Chisholm Road and Chiswick Road in Auburn, is open to people of different backgrounds.

The 9.2-hectare garden houses parklands as verdant as they can be. And since 1977, it has attracted more and more people since this element is quite popular to its visitors and it has added more attraction to the family.

The amphitheater, a complete events venue along with its dressing rooms and toilets not to mention the covered stage area which is outdoors with the audience seated along the huge grassed area which has been sloped, is perfect for productions, concerts, even as large as a festival. The family could set up a picnic at the picnic area built for the community, complete with barbecue stations, a playground, etc.

In 1994, they added the Fauna Reserve and Aviary. Opened from 9-4 pm, they housed a diverse collection of flora and fauna opened to the eyes of the public, especially the children, with supervision of course.

The garden, like the Japanese Garden, the Native and Rainforest Garden, the Scented Garden, and the Sunken Rose Garden, offers different sceneries and experience, enough to make you come back for more.

And since the 9 hectares wouldn’t be filled in a snap, they can be reserved for weddings. And for casual reservations, they are also available for photo shoots, as long as you follow their strict regulation so as to preserve and lengthen the life span of the flora and fauna.

Nature in the city never looked this good.

Auburn Botanic Gardens is a place of natural beauty where people can learn more about horticulture, birds and native animals.

The Gardens cover 9.2 hectares of lush parklands and have been a popular attraction since they opened in 1977.

The Botanic Gardens Amphitheatre consists of a covered outdoor stage area, dressing rooms, toilets and a large sloping grassed area for the audience.

The area can be used for concerts, stage productions and festivals.

The Picnic Area is a popular venue for social gatherings, birthday parties and community functions. The venue has sufficient seating and BBQ facilities for over 100 people.

Opened in 1994, the Fauna Reserve at Auburn Botanic Gardens is home to flora and fauna that was indigenous to the Auburn area before it was developed.

There are many animals in the Reserve, including Swamp Wallabies, Red Necked Wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Emus, Rufous Bettong and the Common Wombat.

The beautiful Aviary is located opposite the entrance to the Japanese Garden and is home to birds from Australia and Asia.

The Japanese Garden has traditional Japanese style landscaping including a waterfall, decorative bridges and ornamental trees set around a large lake.

The Japanese Garden is entered through a titled roof gate and the brick paving leads you past the Zen Garden with its symbolic mountains, waterfalls, sea, shoreline and landscaping.

The Australian Native and Rainforest Garden has many native plants and trees set around a shady billabong bordered by scrub woodland plantings and grassed areas. The Garden is brimming with beautiful peacocks, swans and native birds that wander around freely.

The Scented Garden is designed so that visitors are treated to floral aromas like Frangipani, Lavender and Sage.

The Sunken Rose Garden features ceremonial arches with David Austin Roses that indulge visitors in a variety of colours and fragrances.

The Sunken Rose Garden is at its most beautiful between mid October and January.

Annual displays add colour to the borders providing a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony, wedding photographs or special function.

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