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Australian Museum

Address: 6 College Street Sydney NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9320 6000

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Australia’s oldest museum , the Australian Museum found in Sydney showcases the best of Australian natural history. The Australian Museum is known internationally in the fields of anthropology and natural history. It features a wide variety of collections in zoology, of vertebrates and invertebrates; as well as those in mineralogy, anthropology and paleontology. The museum also does other works like research, indigenous studies and community programs.

The former Secretary of State for the Colonies, Earl Bathurst, established the Australian Museum on March 30, 1827. The Colonial Museum or Sydney Museum was the museum’s original name but was later on changed when a meeting by a sub-committee decided for it to be named the Australian Museum in June 1836.

The Australian Museum used to be situated in a room at the offices of the colonial secretary and has been moved from one place to another during its first 30 years. In 1849 it finally moved to its present location in a building designed by the New South Wales colonial architect, James Barnet. In May 1857 the Australian Museum finally opened to the public. The museum was made of sandstone with a marble staircase facing Hyde Park.

The colonial government directly took charge of the Australian Museum until June 1836 during which a Committee of Superintendence of the Australian Museum and Botanical Garden was created. The first curator of the Australian Museum was George Bennett, a well-known naturalist. He was appointed in 1835 and was the first person to catalog the collection in the museum. In 1918, they renamed the position of curator to Director and Curator, which was later on changed to Director in 1921. The Australian Museum is presently directed by Frank Howarth.

Australian Museum in Sydney is the oldest museum in Australia. Located in 6 College Street, Sydney, it is regarded as the premier showcase of Australian natural history. The museum has an international reputation in the fields of natural history and anthropology, and features collections of vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, as well as mineralogy, palaeontology, and anthropology. The museum is also involved in indigenous studies, research and community programs.

The Australian Museum was founded on 30 March, 1827, by Earl Bathurst, the then Secretary of State for the Colonies. It was originally called the Colonial Museum or Sydney Museum. It was only in June 1836 that a sub-committee meeting resolved over an argument to rename it the Australian Museum.

At the beginning, the museum operated from a room in the offices of the colonial secretary. For its first 30 years, it was moved from one located to another. It only moved into its current location in 1849. The present museum building was designed by James Barnet, the New South Wales colonial architect. The original architect, Mortimer Lewis, was forced to resign because the building far exceeded the original cost. Eventually it was opened to the public in May 1857. It is an impressive sandstone structure with marble staircase that faces Hyde Park.

The Australian Museum was administered directly by the colonial government until June 1836, when a Committee of Superintendence of the Australian Museum and Botanical Garden was established. Well-known naturalist George Bennett was appointed the first curator of the Australian Museum in 1835. He was the first to catalog the museum's collection. The position of curator was renamed Director and Curator in 1918, and then, to Director, in 1921. The present director of the Australian Museum is Frank Howarth.

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