Backpacking Light

Address: 29 Somerset Place Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9670 5144

Tags: sleeping bags, outdoor equipment, camping equipment

We are a dedicated group of people who love the outdoors and the environment. We have been a plastic bag free shop for 12 years.

We Hike, Kayak, Climb, Cycle, Sail and Travel Light and we like to carry less weight when we are out in the wilds.

We don’t go all out gear-freaking, but we like gear that weighs less and performs well. It is not always the lightest gear that is the best for our needs.

Gear selection should suit different trips, whether hiking, biking or walking the Camino Trail.

The gear may not be the lightest in the world but is lightweight and suits your needs and budget.

What do we do?

We stock outdoor gear from a number of category-specific suppliers such as Aarn Packs from NZ, Montane UK and Osprey USA. Category-specific companies specialize in focusing their skills in one field, such as only clothing or only packs.

Montane are able to produce clothing for outdoor sports which have sport-specific features, the weight is kept low and the comfort and breathability high.

Aarn Design packs are biomechanically efficient so that the weight is balanced and is more easily carried

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