Bakehouse Garden

Address: 9-11 George Street North Strathfield NSW 2137
Phone: 02 8746 0299

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The Bakehouse Garden, located in the site of the old Arnott’s factory, offers a unique and refined Korean cuisine experience set against a backdrop of rustic brick walls and historic cobbled footpaths of an age past.

As well as its renowned Korean-style charcoal-fired barbeque meats and seafood, the Bakehouse Garden offers other traditional and authentic dishes ranging from Bibimbab to a variety of Korean hotpots.


Operating since March 2006, the Bakehouse Garden has quickly won praise from the local Korean as well as the wider Sydney community.

Korean cuisine offers a wide range of tastes and styles.  Traditional food products, such a soybean paste, red pepper paste and kimchi, have a deep history, which can be traced from thousands of years ago.  In recent years, the fresh and delicious taste of Korean food is being appreciated worldwide.  Among the various ingredients, which make Korean food delectable, the single most important ingredient is devotion.  Koreans have traditionally believed that cooking requires true devotion.  Additionally, many Korean dishes, such as kimchi, also have particular health benefits, such as preventing cancer.  Perhaps this is one reason why people from all over the world come to Korea to savour Korean cuisine.

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