Balmain Art School

Address: 7A Campbell St Balmain NSW 2041
Phone: 02 9960 2885

Tags: art lessons, painting, drawing

Whether you are a newbie or an art major or maybe an artsy that has a lot of background on the topic but has not fully hone it, we all need a place where we can fully develop the art of replicating the beauty that we see to a canvas thru our own perspective, on how we see things. That is where Balmain Art School, at Campbell Street, comes in.

Founded by the principal of the institution, Stephen Wilson, who is also an accomplished photographer and artist, they concentrate on learning how to paint and draw to whoever wishes to learn for at least 20 years. In a class situation, the students are individually guided, working at their own speed on their original concepts. The technique is allowed to affect the outcome of the concept but still holding on to its essence.

Although the school has the right to alter times of the sessions, the enrollees can wish to learn here when they are ready, at any time. The fees are either paid in advance or on site. As of 2011, the fees total to $425, which is consumable with in the 8 lessons with 3 hours each.

They also teach children with ages 11-12 with the HSC coaching. The techniques, like the proportion or the perspective or even the color mixing and color tone, are taught here with regards to the student’s progress. Painting on and with different mediums, like pastels on canvas, are also included in the lessons. The accessibility is not an issue here, with parking slots opened outside of the school or you could commute to there.

Learning should be this fun.

Balmain Art School specialises in teaching Painting and Drawing to absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Students are tutored individually in a class situation. Students work at their own pace on their own projects.

Technique is taught in easy steps to ensure creative outcomes.

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