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Balmain Bowling Club

Address: 156 Darling Street Balmain NSW 2041
Phone: 02 9810 1071
Email: balmainbowlingclub@hotmail.com

Tags: bowls

Bowling is a great way to unwind and practice balance, eye and body coordination. But playing alone is like playing with your phone with your bowling app. A group, now that is fun, all your bowling buddies trying to beat each other and see who’s the better bowler. But it is harder to form a group than to join one, right?

BBC, is not the British Broadcasting Corporation, it is the Balmain Bowling Club of Darling Street, Balmain. Established in 1879 in a School of Arts, then formally formed as BBC in 1880, BBC is the oldest running bowling club in NSW.

The club started with one green only, but when the years passed, they had added a second one and the third one was added in 1957 but because of the renovation costs, it was sold last 2002. As an entity, the BBC competed in the Pennants Competition of NSW and in 1927 they won the First Grade Pennant. But they did not stop there because they also joined the 2011 competition for the 4th and 7th Grade.

Changes have also been constantly changing. Lively characters have also graced the clubs thru its history, from the industrial company up to the maritime in the vicinity. The density of the people that live around the Bailman Peninsula has increased throughout the time since the industrial side slowly dissipates, allowing more land for residential lots. In 2004, the club renovated to add a more up to date facility, and instead of a 2 level floor space, they used it to create a single spacious area.

Social functions held by corporations, that venues in the BBC, enjoy the excitement of bowling barefoot, which has quite become a must have when it came to corporate events and functions.

Welcome to Balmain Bowling Club!

BBC was established in the School of Arts in 1879 and was incorporated as BBC in 1880. It is the oldest continuously operating Bowling Club in New South Wales.

The club commenced with one green which was extended in later years to two greens and in 1957 a third green was added. The third green was sold in 2002 to fund renovations.

The club participates in the NSW Pennants Competition and won the First Grade Pennant in 1927. It has entered Grades 4 and 7 in the 2011 competition.

The club has seen many colourful characters over the years drawn from the maritime and industrial companies in the area. Today the Balmain peninsular has changed its character to one of high density living with many of the industries moving out of the area.

Apart from the state, zone and club bowling competitions the club has seen the development of barefoot bowling which is now very popular for social and corporate functions.

The club was extensively renovated in 2004 to provide a modern facility. The two-level floor area was converted to one level and now provides easy access to the spacious, bar, gambling and restaurant facilities. In 2008 a large external deck was constructed providing much-needed open space. Wheelchair access is available at the club's entrance in Darling Street.

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