Bare Island

Address: Bare Island La Perouse NSW 2036

Tags: snorkelling, diving

Bare Island is located at the end of Anzac Parade at La Perouse. Park as close to the walkway to the Island as possible.

Bare Island is the most amazing dive location. It has some many different types of marine life that help make it so special. One of these are sea horses.

There are at least 10 different dives that can be done with only small sections being repeated.

The left hand side (eastern side) is just one of these dives. Usually visibility is better on this side of the island as it is closer to the open ocean. Navigation on this side of the island is pretty easy, as the reef runs basically north south. Following the main reef on the way out you swim in a southerly direction on the way back in a northerly direction. There are a few little overhangs, so a torch is a good idea.

The left side is usually diveable unless a big southerly (south easterly) swell is running. Bare Island is a good dive site due to its felxibilty - if one side of the Island is too rough then the other side is usually diveable. The dives here are also great night dives.

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