Baroq House

Address: 9/13 Drewery Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 8080 5680

Tags: corporate bar, dj, live music, dance floor, nightclub, lounge, wine bar

Walking along the 18th century cobblestoned alley way you’ll find Baroq, a haven amongst Melbourne’s many CBD bars.

A place that lends from its namesake, a grammatical twist upon the Baroque period whereby style lived with substance, where grandeur was celebrated and where drama was laid out in infinite detail, a fact not lost upon Melbourne’s fairest and finest.

Baroq caters for a clientele who enjoy the subtle nuances that differentiate the cattle from the class.

From the drink selection that whets even the most delicate palate, to letting a melody’s soul become your mistress for the evening, Baroq has you front of mind, front of sight, on the red carpet where you belong every night.

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