Bass Centre

Address: 206 Park Street South Melbourne VIC 3205
Phone: 03 9696 6561

Tags: music instruments

The Bass Centre is located at 206 Park St, South Melbourne.

The Bass Centre is Australia's premier Bass specialist store. We stock over 200 new and used basses from all of the major manufacturers from around the world, not to mention local and international custom builders.

We carry Fender Precisions and Fender Jazz basses by the truck load. Our Fender Bass Inventory is unrivalled in Australia. We have the latest Fender Deluxe Precision and Jazz basses, Fender Custom Shop 64 Jazz basses, 59 Precisions and 55 Precision basses. We have stock of the Fender American series basses from the 75 Jazz bass to the 62 Precision and Jazz models. If you are after some more modern Fender basses we have the latest versions of the American Precision and Jazz, we stock the new Fender Jaguar, Fender Aerodyne, Jazz 24, Active Precisions and Jazz basses, almost bass that Fender manufactures, we either have it or we can get it for you

The Bass Centre is a huge fan of Musicman Basses. Maybe that's why we are the number one Musicman dealer in the country. These are still made to an exacting standard and still rank as one of the most classic basses ever. We stock a large range of new and used Musicman Stingray basses, Sterling basses and Stingray 5 basses.

We stock an extensive range of Warwick basses from the affordable Rockbass Corvette series right up to Warwick Custom Shop instruments. Whether you are after a Warwick Thumb Bass, Streamer Bass, Dolphin, Vampire, Jazzman or any other Warwick bass then check out our range. If we dont have what you are after feel free to contact us and we will source it for you.

The Bass Centre is Australias premier source for Rickenbacker basses. These hard to get instruments are still manufactured in the US to an exacting standard. They sound as good as they look and lets face it..they look awesome. Rickenbacker 4003 basses are hard to get these days with limited numbers being manufactured and a huge worldwide demand eating up this supply fast. We try to keep stock of Rickenbacker 4003 basses at all times so feel free to contact us if you are searching for one.

The Bass Centre also carries a range of Sadowsky basses. These beautiful hand crafted basses are now even more affordable with the release of the Sadowsky Metro range of Bas guitars. These instruments are hand crafted in Sadowskys Japanese workshop. They are still hand made and are loaded with the same Sadowsky pickups and preamps as their US made cousins. Ranging in price from $3400 upto $4400 these are well within the reach of most players. The Sadowsky Metro basses are superb instruments that should be considered if you are looking for a professional Bass guitar.

The Bass Centre also carries an extensive range of Asian made bass guitars from manufacturers like Ibanez, ESP LTD, Cort and Aria.

The Bass Centre carries an extensive range of Bass amps, both new and used. We are Australias biggest dealer for Eden, Gallien Krueger, Mark Bass and Ampeg Bass amplification. We carry heaps of Bass amplification gear and our staff have extensive knowledge on both amps nd speaker cabs.

With a huge range of Bass guitars, Bass amps, Bass accessories, Bass strings and anything else you can think of that is Bass related, you could say that we have Bass on our brains. Feel free to browse our website and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of the gear that we carry or even about gear that we don't list. We endeavour to answer emails same day so you wont have to wait long for a responce.

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