Baxter Inn

Address: 152-156 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000

Tags: cocktail bar, wine bar, bar snacks

Street is for Baxter Inn - the most anticipated Sydney bar opening since, well, anything ever.

This basement-level hooch sanctuary is brought to you by Anton Forte and Jason Scott - the two bartenders best known for openingShady Pines Saloon. The duo have a strange knack for creating great bars. To them, it’s a simple recipe of nice staff + tasty drinks = success.

Bowls of pretzels are passed around; you can hear yourself speak over the old school tunes in the background. There are enough tables and booths to sit at and stools lining the bar; sit there and it’s likely you will get to know all the bartenders and a few locals too. No detail is left untouched; from large hand cut ice cubes, to sockets lining the bar for phone charging convenience. As at Shady Pines, cocktails (under “Nancy Times” in the menu) are reliably awesome but not the focus of the bar. There’s a short list at the front of the bookand the guys will make you most anything you’d want to ask.

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