Berlin Bar

Address: 16 Corrs La Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9639 3399

Tags: cocktails, bar snacks, german beer, cocktail masterclass

Concealed high above a myriad of laneways, occupying an unlikely location well hidden from the public eye, Berlin Bar is a unique new venture, a timeless encapsulation of post-modern German culture. Paying respect to Charlie Chaplin (from the classic film 'The Great Dictator'), Berlin Bar is a space that is lost-in-time, yet firmly fixed in tradition.

Based on the unification of a divided vision; sumptuous yet humble, Berlin Bar is a venue split in two, as the famous city itself once was. With a focus on traditional craft drinks and an emphasis on classic customer-service, Berlin Bar invokes a contemporary cultural vortex, a haven in which guests are transported to an overlooked era that was forever thought to be lost.

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