Blue Galangal

Address: 1383 Toorak Rd Camberwell VIC 3124
Phone: 1383 Toorak Rd

Tags: take away, byo, thai

Blue Galangal is located at 1383 Toorak road, Camberwell, VIC. Dining at Blue Galangal is like dining in a Thailand area with their Thai cuisine.

Blue galangal dishes are special because they add a unique flavor you can never find in other Thai restaurants located in Camberwell, Victoria, Melbourne. Among the many dishes of Blue galangal are:

• Deep fried Fish with special sauce from Blue Galangal

• Mud Crab with Black Pepper Sauce - - Ready To Serve

• Gai Pa Low: Five Spice Chicken Stew with mushroom

• Sliced pork stir-fried with sato (the beans of the Parkia speciosa, also known as "stink bean" or "bitter bean"), onion, garlic, fish sauce, chillies and oyster sauce.

• Squid stir-fried with sweet and mild chilli paste (nam phrik phao), onion, garlic, spring onion and sliced large red chillies. Paprika can be used instead of chillies if a milder version is preferred.

• Gai Yang : Griled Thai Style marinated chicken served with Tamarind Dipping Sauce

• Pla Murg Yang : Marinated baby Octopus grilled and serve with homemade seafood sauce

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