Blue Plate Bar & Grill

Address: 24 Young St (Via Grosvenor St) Neutral Bay NSW 2089
Phone: 02 9953 2942

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The Blue Plate Bar and Grill was named after an American colloquial expression called “the blue plate special”. It became famous after the great depression. To provide great value to their guests a special serving of food was served using a blue metal plate that has dividers for the sauce as well as the fixin. That time, each region had a different offering but everyone is aware that the food served on the “Blue Plate” is something special.

Today, the Blue Plate Bar and Grill still aims to keep that idea in their menu. They hope that their customers will be delighted to taste what they are offering on their Blue Plate. The restaurant offers the best authentic American dishes. The owners of Blue Plate have passion and love for great American specialties and they want to share this to their customers.

Ribs with homemade BBQ sauce, Buffalo hot wings, chilli, Jambalaya and gumbo are just some of the bestsellers that they offer in the Blue Plate. Of course, every meal is capped with a delicious slice of pie. To name a few, they offer pecan, apple and pumpkin pies. Blue Plate also serves traditional American sandwiches such as pulled pork, po’ boy and cheesesteak sandwiches.

Blue Plate Bar and Grill is a full service restaurant and they are open for lunch, dinner or happy hour. Call us anytime for reservations or bulk orders. Blue Plate Bar & Grill is the perfect place for homesick North Americans as well as hungry Australians with Yankee favorites you can't get anywhere in this country.

Blue Plate Bar & Grill is the place satisfying homesick North Americans and hungry Aussies with Yankee favorites you can't get anywhere in Australia. Buffalo hot wings, ribs with home made BBQ sauce, Jambalaya, cowboy chili, gumbo, New England chowda are just some dishes on offer.

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