Brumby's Camberwell

Address: 764 Riversdale Rd Camberwell VIC 3124
Phone: 9830 1426

Tags: take away, bakery

Brumby's Bakeries Limited is a specialty bread retailer and one of Australia's largest and most successful franchise groups. Brumby's is proud to have been among the first Australian companies to successfully embark on a franchising program not only when franchising was in its early stages but when the specialty or hot bread shop market was also just beginning.

Like most successful businesses, Brumby's had a modest beginning. The first store, known then as "Old Style Bread Centre", was opened in the Victorian suburb of Ashburton in 1975. Over the next decade the "Old Style Bread Centre" was introduced and expanded in Queensland. During the '80s, it was believed that the brand would be stronger with a "truly Australian" identity" - so the Brumby's brand was born. By the early '90s, Brumby's had become a true franchise success story.

It was in the early '90s that a franchise consortium was put together to buy Brumby's. Since then the shareholders have seen the franchise chain grow from 51 stores to over 300 throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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