Calmsley Hill

Address: 31 Darling St Abbotsbury NSW 2176
Phone: 02 9823 3222

Tags: farm activities, picnic

An attraction based on a farm, the City Farm of Calmsley Hill is close to Sydney’s heart where both adults and children can enjoy various exciting exhibits and shows. Get closer to an array of farmyard and native animals. Take your picnic lunch, or cook with our electric BBQ grill that you can use while enjoying our beautiful view. At the Farmhouse Kiosk, you can purchase foods that are take-away. There is a coach parking that is excellent and an access to wheelchair and other facilities for people having disabilities.

At the City Farm of Calmsley Hill, we welcome everyone. What we have is an environment that is family friendly with areas for picnic equipped with electric BBQ grills plus daily shows of interactive amusement. Tractor rides that operate the entire day are also offered.

A farmer for the day’s adventure, you can learn milking cows and feeding our animals at the Nursery of the Farmyard. The entire day, be constantly entertained by participating in our daily shows that include working dog and stock whip shows, koala talk and sheep shearing. Take a stroll through our kangaroo and wallaby enclosure and permaculture garden.

Before 1806, the area was a territorial home of the members of the tribe called Dharuk. Some hectares of the land were granted to John Jamieson, an immigrant from Scotland who was then the Government Stock’s Superintendent. Coulmesly Hill was his original name of the property, which was then changed to Calmsley Hill. In 2009, with the Parklands Trust of Western Sydney, City Farm joined in a lease agreement and the site’s newly adopted name is Calmsley Hill.

Calmsley Hill City Farm is a farm based attraction, close to the heart of Sydney, a place where children and adults can enjoy a variety of exciting shows and exhibits. Get up close to a range of native and farmyard animals. Bring your own picnic lunch, or use our electric BBQ’s to cook your own lunch while you enjoy our beautiful grounds. Take-away food can be purchased at the Farmhouse Kiosk. Coach parking is excellent and there is wheelchair access and facilities for people with disabilities.

Everyone is welcome at Calmsley Hill City Farm, we are a family friendly environment with picnic areas FREE electric BBQ’s and Daily shows for interactive entertainment. We also have Tractor rides running throughout the day .

Be a farmer for the day, learn how to milk a cow, feed our animals in the Farmyard Nursery and be kept entertained throughout the day while you participate in our daily shows including the working dog show, koala talk, sheep shearing and stock whip show. Take a walk through our permaculture garden or our wallaby and kangaroo enclosure.

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