Chaise Lounge

Address: 105 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9670 6120

Tags: live music, cocktails, lounge

The Chaise Lounge is a great find and definitely a must-see if you’re visiting Melbourne or haven’t had the chance to find one of the gems in your own backyard. The vibe is cool, the drinks are great and the crowd is welcoming. From the home of retro to smooth house vocals and cool cocktails. The bar has 2 for 1's beer, wine, champagne. It also have toe tapping tunes and the craziest characters in the universe!

Chaise Lounge is known for being one of Melbourne's longest standing cocktail hot-spots. Rich crimson walls and plush couches, antique chairs and velvety chaise lounges adorn a room that provides a romantic ambiance with sexy mood lighting and a warm vibe, and as upmarket as it sounds they pull it off with an unpretentious style that's nice and welcoming.

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