Civic Hotel

Address: 981 Beaufort St Inglewood WA 6052
Phone: 08 9272 1011

Tags: beer garden, jazz, rock, live music

Situated on Beaufort Street in Inglewood, the Civic Hotel manages to incorporate charming dining, fused together with classic pub charisma. Displaying a rather rare trait to a pub these days, the Civic boasts scrumptious food and great drinks, your choice of beer gardens, all topped off with regular live music. This Inglewood pub plays host to plenty of live acts. Rock and jazz bands are the main staples in entertainment. The Civic also offers an amazing array of TV and event viewing. With 18 TV's throughout the entire venue, three big screens and one projector, the Civic allows punters to check out all the latest national and international sporting events, news and music videos.

In response to the recent Hydey-shaped hole in local music, The Civic Hotel has stepped up to fill the demand for a smaller front bar style space; and so, they introduce The Den. It’s half the size of their other space and perfect for bands who can’t guarantee the 300 strong crowd needed to make back room gigs truly impressive.

You can listen to your favorite music, watch TV or have a rest in a beer garden here. So if you're looking to please everyone and don't want to trek all over town to do it. Try your luck at the Civic Hotel.

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