Clovelly Beach

Address: Clovelly Rd Clovelly NSW 2031
Phone: 02 9369 8000

Tags: swimming, snorkelling, beach

Clovelly Beach lies between Bronte Beach to the north and Gordon's Bay to the south. It is a small and tranquil beach, lying at the mouth of a narrow bay between two rocky ridges. A breakwater at the mouth of the bay provides protection and creates a calm swimming environment. It is particularly popular with family groups and the elderly.

Eastern suburbs stretches deeply inwards the shoreline. This makes a very calm and shallow lagoon, suitable for swimming with little children.

In summer, Clovelly Beach is a centre of community activity patrolled by council lifeguards on weekdays and Surf Club members on weekends/public holidays.

Clovelly may be Sydney's most popular snorkelling location. It is a sheltered bay which consistently has decent snorkelling. Sharks are rarely found here: you are very lucky if you see one!

The star of Clovelly Bay is Bluey, the friendly male blue groper. Actually, the original Bluey was illegally killed by a spear fisherman in 2002, so the current male blue groper can be called Bluey the Second. Other than Bluey, there are a lot of common fish: trevally, stripeys, wrasses, toadfish, scalyfin, white ear, etc.... On occasion, one can also find garfish, old wives, pygmy leatherjackets, octopuses, and nudibranchs. If you're lucky, you might see an eel or lobsters hiding in the rocks.

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