Cornelius Cheese Wine Coffee

Address: 141 Maling Rd Canterbury VIC 3126
Phone: 9830 7915

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Situated in Canterbury’s historic shopping precinct, Maling Road, Cornelius Cheese is home to a selection of the best cheeses from Australia and around the world. Cornelius Cheese at 141 Maling Road Canterbury specialises in Cheese retai. These cheese products are of high quality premium range in the scene of French classics, Portuguese rarities, Italian delights & truly artisan Australian Cheeses.

Cornelius Cheese also offers an extensive range of Charcuterie & Condiments for the perfect Platter for all occasions. Cornelius Cheese provides a meal service with many items available for purchase. Cornelius also has a range of fine wines which can be home delivered along with our platters. Cornelius Coffee is an exclusive house roast and we have an interesting range of Teas.

The ever-changing cheese menu showcases the most seasonal cheese, hand-picked with passion by the Cornelius Team. A fine selection of produce compliments your cheese purchase with the staff available to assist you in creating the perfect cheese platter, the key ingredient for your gourmet dish or a simple personal indulgence!

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