Footscray Club

Address: 43 Paisley St Footscray VIC 3011
Phone: 9687 2059

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The footscray club started as a local cycling club inaugurated in 1894 by Mr T.K. Irving and Dr C.L. McCarthy as the Footscray Cycling club. The club held and supported cycling and sporting events in Footscray and Melbourne. Initially the club was housed for its first 10 years in Nicholson Street.

Eventually the social nature of the club overtook the sports functions and the Footscray Club became a purely social club. In 1909 the club began the construction of its permanent facilities in its present location on Paisley street a two storey building complete with offices storage and a bar.

Up until the present day the club remains like many social clubs a non political and democratic organizaton serving the local Footscray and wider community.

For over 114 years it have been part of the local community providing a relaxed, comfortable environment to meet your friends and neighbours.

Footscray provide a friendly atmosphere, familiar faces, a place to eat, drink and gather - close to the market, the local shops and all forms of public transport.

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