Georges River

Address: Georges River National Park Picnic Point NSW 2213

Tags: river, fishing, water sports

The Georges River to the south-west of Sydney flows east into Botany Bay. The Georges River starts near Appin which is around 60km south-west of Sydney and flows from there firstly to Liverpool where a weir has been built. The Georges River then flows through the Chipping Norton Lakes scheme before turning east and flowing into Botany Bay. The river offers many estuary fishing options and then fresh water fishing in its upper reachers above the weir.

Tom Ugly's Bridge

Very popular place for fishing which is always busy on the weekends. The main advantage is that you can park your car pretty much where you cast, so it's a perfect place to fish late at night. Unfortunately I have not caught much there myself and quite a few snags there due to the rocks underneath. Some bream and tailor there.

Captain Cook's Bridge

Another popular place to fish, with it being labelled a place for jewfish. Seems like they stick near the pylons though as I have only seen the one caught from the boat let off. Good place to cast, as it is an open area on a floating boat let off, but also bad because there's a constant metal-on-metal screeching sound from the platform moving up and down.

Georges River National Park

Quite a good place to take the family with picnic areas and a small sandy beach area on low tide. There are lots of bream, mainly small ones, and the occasional flathead. Watch out for the speedboats and jetskis that constantly go through that area!

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