Glebe Markets

Address: 9-25 Derwent Street Glebe NSW 2037
Phone: 0419 291 449

Tags: markets, homeware, jewellery, fashion

Glebe Markets is one of Sydney's most established and well known Saturday

markets. Yet it has always had an alternative character and style.

Located in the inner Sydney area, it has always had that lively inner city vibe.

These days more than ever it is the showcase for the cutting edge of fashion and

design. Clothing and Jewellery and accessories are a strong point too. Come meet

and chat with the makers and be part of the scene. Explore...lose yourself at Glebe

for a day.

Glebe Markets is a great place to collect vintage clothing. In days when recycling is

a way of life, Glebe is a great place to find recycled fashion, CDs and books. You

never know what treasures your rummaging fingers may turn up.

Glebe Markets is just how suburban markets should be: colourful and vibrant with a lively trade in second-hand goods, records, furniture, arts, crafts, clothing, jewellery and bric-a-brac. In addition, large calico tents stand in the place of stalls, their fabric flapping in the breeze to reveal patrons lying on mattresses having their joints and muscles kneaded and relaxed by trained masseurs.

Yet many people just come to soak up the atmosphere. Sample our gourmet

foods while relaxing on the lawn and listening to the live bands.

Come to the fashion don't just see the fashion!

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