Grand Pearl

Address: 56 Canley Vale Road Canley Vale NSW 2166
Phone: 02 9723 6888

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Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant is the latest of Master Chef Jack NG Chinese cuisine. Serving Lunch dinner and Late Supper daily, customers will be leaving with a smile on their faces and a full stomach. We are proud to offer you a dining experience like no other. Under the guidance of chef Jack Ng, a true veteran of the industry with 45 years experience, dining at Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant is sure to delight those keen on authentic Chinese food cooked with passion and panache.

Our wide selection is freshly prepared every day for your pleasure and enjoyment. Whether you are craving our traditional favorites or some crispy deep fried treats, we have the perfect combination waiting for you. Come on down and enjoy our famous daily Lunch X O Seafood Fried Noodles or our Won ton soup is a must try.Our authentic Hong Kong Style Cooking is suitable for dine-in or take-out.

Our seasonal seafood is freshly caught from the live seafood tanks and prepared immediately.The line-up includes: King crab,Mud Crab, lobster,baby Abalone,Wild Green Abalone,Coral Trout, live prawns, scallops, parrot fish Marvong barramundi silver perch,oysters...

Our belief in using the best and freshest seafood results in a culinary experience that is unrivalled. Come in today and enquire about our specialty seafood.

At Grand Pearl we keep live Lobsters, King Crabs, Mud Crabs, Abalones, Pipis, King Prawns, and large variety of fishes in temperature-controlled tanks. All the seafood you pick from our tanks are guaranteed fresh and with excellent quality!

Our Customers favorites lobster dishes are Lobster braised with ginger and shallot, Salt-and-pepper Lobster, and Lobster sashimi. Other signature dishes such as Black Pepper Sauce King Crab, Wasabi Angus Beef, Honey King Prawn, Hong Kong-styled Mud Crab, Mud Crab deep fried with special Chinese wine, are something you should try.

We also have preapre and serve the once in a year evnt of Authentic Royal dish such As Buddha Jump over the wall which required up to 2 day to prepared.

We are strives to offer our patrons high quality and authentic Chinese cuisines. With our extensive experience, we are confident that our patrons will have the utmost experience in Chinese dining.

Our Chef specialties include XO pipis, Our New Found Miniture abalone wok fried with X O Sauce, Lobster braised with Ginger & Shallot, 3 Courses cooking style King Crab , 2 courses Coral Trout , Mud Crab Deep Fried with special rice wine (Master Chef Signature dish), 2 Course Peking Duck , and much much more delicious dishes awaiting for your enjoyment.

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