Address: 1 Temperance Lane Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9947 9025

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Martin O’Sullivan, John Toubia and Belinda W Lai were committed to creating a local neighbourhood eating house and bar in the heart of the Sydney CBD. From this idea, Grasshopper was opened in April 2010. It followed on from the success of their pop-up bar as part of the By George Laneways Festival! 2009, which culminated in a free street party. Grasshopper is a quirky, individual and humorous space. There is an overall respect for the environment. From sourcing second hand furniture, wherever possible, to focusing on whole and organic foods and wines, through to being conscious of our waste and recycling. Hidden in a side alleyway neatly sandwiched between the Hilton Hotel and the Strand Arcade, it is a little CBD haven with a great Sydney drinking vibe.

Since then they have gone on to be voted Best Small Bar of the Year by Australian Bartender Magazine and were awarded both Small Bar of the Year and Small Business of the Year at the City of Sydney Small Business Awards. Martin O’Sullivan also works as the President of the Small Bar Association, to promote the small bar culture. The Association currently represents over 30 small bars.

Grasshopper is an inner city small bar – somewhere you can visit for an after work drink that isn't a massive beer hall. Make those drinks stronger and we'll sit in for a few more.

Here’s a true laneway bar, and the first of its kind in Sydney. There’s no signage and the only way you’d know where it was is to follow the tube tops and high heels down Temperance Lane, which smells a bit like old lettuce and a lot like old wee. It’s very authentic. Inside, the dark room is packed with happy drinkers sucking down beers and cocktails. The drinks, though unusual, aren’t brilliant in their conception or execution. They’re not super boozy, and some of them seem quite small.

The top level of Grasshopper is a restaurant with an open kitchen and an aroma that makes us regret having fish and chips before coming here. The menu is limited to some classics such as steak poivre and pork and parsley terrine and the dining atmosphere is seductive and low-lit, with intimate little tables. In other words, this would be perfect for taking a date.

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