Hatha Yoga Space

Address: Kogarah NSW 2217
Phone: 0405390945
Email: ahatha@gmail.com

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Welcome to Hatha Yoga Space!

We are a happy couple - Alyona and Anton - who have been exploring healing and improving methods of Yoga for years. Fortunatelly, on this path we have met many people of great knowledge. Some of them have kindly shared with us their improving methods and vision of life and we consider them as our teachers.

Some names are:

* Oleg Fiodorov (Russia);

* Andrei Sidersky, Y23 Yoga System (Ukraine);

* Shandor Remete, Shadow Yoga (Australia);

* Bal Mukund Singh, National Institute of Yoga (India);

* Simon Borg-Oliver, Yoga Synergy (Australia)...

We are experienced and educated enough to teach to others the first stage of Yoga - Hatha. We believe nobody can actually improve their life without improving themself. At the same time, any effective improvement of our body and mind makes our life in whole so lovely different! That's why we consider Yoga as a life improving way and Hatha Yoga as a comprehensive body work that effectively improves one's life.

Our confidence in the knowledge we share with people continues to grow as we see the remarkable role Yoga has played in our own life. These great changes are inspiring us to share with people the remedy proven with our life.

Join our classes and you will see the difference!

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