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Ingrid Morley Sculpture School

Address: 31 Central St Naremburn NSW 2065
Phone: 02 9439 6564

Tags: art lessons, art workshops, sculpture

The School located in an old church, opened in 1996. Since 2000 this independent School has been affiliated to Sydney University, offering hands on workshops to all students of sculpture from the basic principals of making sculpture to a contemporary conceptual platform.

Courses are run during the school terms. Holiday workshops are run during the Winter and Summer breaks.

The requirements for teaching sculpture are specific and unique. The Church Studio offers an unusual opportunity for students to engage fully in the process of making sculpture in a creative atmosphere without the compromises of equipment and space.

As a practicing, represented artist, Ingrid is in a position to pass on first hand knowledge of sculpture and to confer this breadth of experience from the basics of the art form through to a contemporary platform.

All courses aim to build creative confidence and independence in a friendly supportive atmosphere. Students are encouraged to make use of ongoing mentoring opportunities provided by the school.


Using all manner of materials including a choice of clay, wax, direct plaster, plywood, cardboard etc. Work on your own project at your own pace in a supportive, non-competitive environment.The course covers simple exercises enabling you to take your work into the abstract. You will be assisted to engage creatively in the development of your own work. An importance is placed on individual attention and the class size is kept deliberately small.


Experience the most complex of abstract shapes and design in nature. You will be taken on an in depth study of the human form. Our intention is not to copy the nude but to understand how the body works. You will look at the gestural activity of the body as a whole and consider proportions and the arrangement of the body’s large structures in space.

Gain technical knowledge in the making of classical sculpture, with armature construction (internal framework) and progress to modelling in clay. Studying the figure from life provides a personal library of creative possibilities which can be used figuratively or open the visual artist up to more abstract design possibilities.


The process of plaster waste mould making and casting has been used traditionally for hundreds of years. It is used to translate a work in clay (temporary) into a lasting object. Materials and sculpture are continually in conversation as new casting materials come and go.

To learn this age old method will give you principals and processes involved when taking a modelling material e.g. clay , and translating this into an identical copy in plaster (or reconstituted stone). These principles (generally) can then be applied to other casting materials of choice.


Unique and personal, a portrait is much more than a physical likeness. Working with a model in this hands-on course you’ll learn how to capture your subject through observation and develop a sculptor’s touch in a revealing creative process based on traditional principals. You’ll be introduced to the age old skill of mould making and casting, completing your work in plaster to take home.

WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS - totem building for the outdoors/

Work in paper clay on individual shapes to be assembled vertically. Fed over a central welded steel armature (supplied), your work will be kiln fired is sections to reach no more than 1.2m in height. Take your finished work home that is totemic in nature and will withstand outdoor conditions.

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