Izakaya Sakura

Address: Shop 2, 182 James St Northbridge WA 6003
Phone: 08 9328 2525

Tags: japanese

An Izakaya is common traditional Japanese Bar/Restaurant. These restaurants are often informal and have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Izakaya restaurants all have a multi-faceted menu and offer many types of food which go well with the alcohol served such as beer, sake and shochu.

Due to the informal atmosphere, instead of ordering and eating individual platters, customers usually share all dishes with one another in their party. The ability to share food among your party is what makes the Izakaya experience truly unique.

The Japanese Izakaya Sakura has brought a whole new form of this Japanese-style dining to the people of Perth. Dining at Izakaya Sakura restaurant is truly a unique and pleasurable experience, leaving you with the feeling of pure bliss.

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