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Jas My Waffles

Address: Shop 6, Rooty Hill Road North Rooty Hill NSW 2766
Phone: 02 9575 4814
Email: info@jasmywaffles.com.au

Tags: american, desserts, kids menu, food, outdoor dining

Jas My Waffles™ is Australia’s own waffle shop! We invented the Waffle On A Stick™!

Sweet waffles. Savoury waffles. So many delicious flavours and fillings. On a plate. On the go.

Waffles on a stick, round waffles, crepes, pancakes and French toast. All freshly made for you. With the very best Danes Gourmet Coffee™ (we have a top Australian barista!), tea, milkshakes, thickshakes, smoothies and frappes.

Taste the exciting new waffle sensation. It’s irresistible!

Jas My Waffles™ for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. Open every day. For a fun and friendly experience. Come and enjoy the Australian waffle… where you can “waffle-on every day!”

Back in December 2005 Jaspher DeLeon was woken in the middle of the night by a dream. As she pondered on what had been revealed to her the word “Waffle” kept repeating itself in her mind. Excitedly she shared this newfound revelation with her partner who – being half asleep – replied “Ohm, we’ll talk tomorrow.” Jas was far too excited to go back to sleep.

The next day Jas and Gil agreed they would look into starting their own waffle business. One with a difference. They didn’t have any chef qualifications or business experience but they were passionate about “having a go” in true Aussie spirit. They began to research and share their ideas with others. How do you start a waffle business from scratch…especially when you have never made one before? Believing in themselves and in their vision Jas and Gil backed themselves by registering the Jas My Waffles™ business and ordering the necessary equipment.

Most big ideas start small and for Jas and Gil this meant beginning with a portable booth which they took to parties and back yard gatherings. Then it was time to expand – they hired stalls so that they could cater at festivals and other large events. After a while the set-up and pack-down proved to be hard work so the visionary duo came up with a brilliant idea.

The custom made trailer-style waffle booth made life much easier. They towed it to events as far away as the Southern Highlands several hours out of Sydney. It was a case of unhitch the trailer, drop the legs, open the side door, ready to go. By now they had perfected the revolutionary Waffle On A Stick™. It was unlike any other type of waffle here or overseas. The Belgians came up with the square waffle but this was like a hot dog on a stick and it came in a wide variety of sweet and savoury flavours. It had meant investing in specialised one-off cooking equipment and more outlays…but Jas and Gil were very determined to make their business work.

Popularity in Jas My Waffles™ grew and grew and in 2008 they decided it was time to take another leap of faith: they would open a waffle shop. A business plan was drawn up with the help of a marketing consultant. It said “Acquire a shop by end of 2008 or beginning 2009”. With a tight five month deadline the process began: acquire the funds, find a location, fit-out the shop. They both agree that having the discipline of deadlines kept them focused on the outcome.

Jas and Gil approached a number of banks for a business loan and were turned away. Spirits remained high. Finally, a bank manager agreed to support them. Not long after this Gil was driving through Rooty Hill and saw the vacant shop. In no time they had secured the site, commissioned an architect to design the interior and a builder to begin the transformation. All of this was funded with their own personal savings as the bank loan hadn’t come through yet.

Easter 2009 saw the official opening of Australia’s first Jas My Waffles™ shop. Despite the challenges and the negativity of some people they had done it…right on schedule! Over four years since that strange dream Jas and Gil had never wavered in their desire to own a waffle business and now here it was.

“Follow your dream and make sure you have the passion and love what you do”, says Jas.

Since then Gil has become one of Australia’s best baristas…they have formed an exclusive alliance with the renowned Danes Gourmet Coffee™…extended the menu to waffles, crepes, pancakes, French toast, coffee, tea, milkshakes, thickshakes, smoothies and frappes…and they are franchising the Jas My Waffles™ business across Sydney!

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