Kapsali Mediterranean Restaurant

Address: 31 Stanley St South Brisbane QLD 4101
Phone: 07 3846 1803

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Kythira, the island of Aphrodite, is one of the largest but comparatively least known Greek Islands. Lying at the crossroads of shipping routes that lead to and from the East Mediterranean, Kythira has not been subjected to vigorous tourist development, and as a result it has preserved its unique and picturesque character.

The mild climate and varied landscape which combines the beauty of the sea and important sights (Castles, monasteries, ancient ruins and natural beauties) provide a measure of today’s Kythira and its unique character.

According to mythology, the birth of Aphrodite in Kythira was the event that determined the island’s subsequent course. Aphrodite was born in the sea foam of Kythira and in accordance with the myth, was then carried to Baphos in Cyprus where she was also worshipped as a goddess, protector of the Island.

Kapsali, was the original port of the island, particularly during British times and later. The modern port was constructed in the early 1960’s with local initiative. Situated below the castle and town of Hora, Kapsali is considered to be one of the prettiest spots on the island and is a destination for many travellers. It has Hotels, restaurants, bars and many car and sporting rental outlets. The port is visited in the summer by many cruise liners.

The Restaurant Kapsali (Southbank Parklands, Brisbane, Queensland) was established January of 2001. The southbank restaurant was named Kapsali for many reasons including, that the owners the Kalligeros Family originally came from Hora, Kythira. On there visits back to the island the Kalligeros Family have many memories from there summer holidays at Kapsali.

Kapsali offers live entertainment every Friday & Saturday nights, featuring live bands. belly dancers & our very own Kapsali Greek Dancers.

We do not only do shows, but also get the crowd involved, making it a fun night out for everyone.

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