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Kindy Dance Time

Address: Darlington WA 6070
Phone: 08 9299 6611
Email: infowa@kindydancetime.com.au

Tags: dance classes, ballet

Our Programme

Kindy Dance Time dance classes are divided into different age groups for toddlers and preschoolers from 2 - 5 years of age, so that the key areas of development for each age group can be focused on. The Kindy Dance Time programme has enchanting, age related themes which engage children and capture their imaginations.

Each theme runs for approximately four weeks, so that the children enjoy the familiarity of routine coupled with new challenges. This results in a fantastic sense of achievement.

Kindy Dance Time dance classes are fast-paced to keep toddlers and preschoolers engaged and include the introduction to a wide range of dance and music styles, relating to the specific theme. Musical instruments, props, song and free dance are incorporated into Kindy Dance Time, and also more structured dances which stimulate the development of coordination and motor skills.

Children experience dancing in groups, in partners and on their own which adds great value to their social and emotional development. Lessons include educational components, such as shapes, numbers or colours for younger children, and cultural awareness, anatomy or the environment for the older age groups.

In the younger age groups - Kindy A classes - parent participation is necessary. This allows you to spend unique time with your little one as they learn and blossom, and also gives them the best chance to gain the most out of our programme. As they grow older and progress into Kindy B classes, the children will start to interact directly with their teacher and you will be able to sit back and enjoy watching your child’s progress. Parents are ALWAYS welcome in our studios!

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