Lane Cove River

Address: Lane Cove river Sydney NSW 2000

Tags: fishing, water sports

Sydney Harbour is fed by two main rivers at its western end. The northern most river is the Lane Cove River. The Lane Cove River rises near Thornleigh and flows south until it reaches Sydney Harbour. The Lane Cove River national park borders a large section of the river not to far from Sydney CBD. Downstream of the Lane Cove River national park near Fullers Bridge the river is impounded by a weir. Below the weir the river is tidal and finished its journey to Sydney Harbour. Bass and Carp can be caught in the fresh water section of the river and many salt water species in the lower sections. There are significant sections of mangrove trees along the rivers banks near it junction with the harbour.

Fig Tree Bridge - The Fig Tree Bridge crosses the Lane Cove River near Hunters Hill. The Fig Tree Bridge can be fished be fished from both sides. You can access the northern side of the bridge from the loop road of Burns Bay road. Wading the sand flats here with soft plastics or hard bodied lures can produce good catches of Flathead, Bream and Whiting. In most of the area you can access wading the water is only a couple of metres deep so light jig heads are the go with your plastics. It is best to fish this area on a run in tide, arriving at low tide will give you plenty of area to fish as the timed comes in and you can fish until the water gets to deep to wade. The southern side of the bridge is good to fish at high tide when there is to much water to wade. You can either fish under the bridge or follow the river along to the next bay which is at the back of Hunters Hill high school.

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