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Laser Tag Party Hire

Address: Sydney Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1800 266 587
Email: fun@lasertag.com.au

Tags: outdoor laser, skirmish, laser tag, laser

LaserTag.com.au no longer lets you play inside a smelly inflatable maze or have you drive to an arena. LaserTag will deliver your needed party themes right in your own backyard or your front door. You can choose from a sci-fi or military themed party, get phasers or inflatables and play a real life video game - red team versus green.

LaserTag has been serving people young and old alike for 10 years. LaserTag is suited for backyard birthday parties, sports team celebration, vacation activities, school activities or fundraising activities. LaserTag’s rental services is available Australia-wide delivering equipment which can be easily set up in the garden, school gymnasium, park, or office car park. They even deliver in rural and regional areas away from the access of good party places.

High tech fast paced games are sure to keep everyone’s adrenaline pumping. There are lots of games that can be played complete with fun and fast missions. A series of Elimination games can also be played where one team gets to shoot and eliminate each other. One can also play Capture & Hold mission or Capture the other team’s Flag.

LaserTag delivers their ’’fun in a box’’ complete with 10 gaming guns, 10 bandanas - 5 green/red, 2 flags and a big banner that says ’’party in progress’’ just so your neighbors will know the fun that they’re missing. There are also 2 keys included; they turn the gaming guns on. A whistle is also given to clients as a keepsake and party invites can be downloaded for free at LaserTag’s web site.

LaserTag.com.au delivers you sci-fi or army themed parties right to your backyard (or your front door!).

Just like a live video game - it is the red team versus the green team.

Play lots of lots of fast and fun missions. Start with a series of Elimiation Games. This is where one team shoots the other (and tries not to shoot their clan, but friendly fire is possible in this game). Then go for a Capture & Hold mission, you can even play Capture the Flag (with a flag at each base). Please note you can as few or as many gamers as you like with each package, but we recommend up to 20 people with 10 gaming guns (that way everyone gets to play every second game).

With our "fun in a box" we deliver you 10 gaming guns, 2 flags, 10 bandanas - 5 of each colour, a big banner which says "party in progress" so you neighbours know what you are doing! Included in the hire are 2 keys, which turn the gaming guns on. Plus we give you a whistle, yours to keep. We also give your FREE party invites (just download off our web site).

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