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Laser Wars

Address: Level 4, Westpoint Blacktown NSW 2148
Phone: 02 8678 9453
Email: info@laserwars.net.au

Tags: laser, indoor laser, outdoor laser, skirmish

Laser Wars is where you can play a Call of Duty type of live gaming. One can enjoy a real game of Laser Wars Laser Tag Skirmish settings complete with some obstacles and missions on a playing area designed to match those in real life making Laser Wars experience completely one of a kind.

Laser Wars Laser Tag Skirmish game comes fully equipped with the latest live gaming technology capable of distance up to 300 meters in Daylight. The Laser Wars games are military based which can be played by people of all ages, both young and old. The Laser Wars game digital equipment are designed just to feel, look and sound just like the real one all to maximize total player enjoyment.

Laser Wars games can be done indoors or outdoors. Special arrangements can also be done where one can use their surroundings and play in natural setting or mobile Inflatables can be taken to a location or to a house for a game of Laser Tag. Laser Wars also has promotions like a movie pass to Hoyt’s Cinema or some other products that comes with free Laser Wars games.

Laser Wars is also available for birthday parties, corporate/teambuilding events and group events. There are special packages readily available to better suit clients’ needs. Laser Wars games are very suitable for corporate or team building activities as military strategies usually involve playing as a team in achieving a common goal. Laser Wars also has some outdoor bush or urban locations and the game can be played day or night, any day of the week.

Enjoy real Laser Wars scenarios with proper missions, obstacles and real life playing areas to make the experience all that more special.

We have the latest in live gaming technology.

The equipment has a range up to 300 meters in Daylight.

Our game is military based and played by young and old.

The digital equipment has been designed to look, feel and sound authentic to maximise player enjoyment and realism.

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