Lilly-Lee Gallery

Address: Shop 6, 465 Oxley Road Sherwood QLD 4075
Phone: 07 3379 7828

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Welcome to Lilly-Lee Gallery where we believe art is for everyone – you just need to be shown how! We are a well-known landmark located on the bustling corner of Oxley and Sherwood Roads in Sherwood (directly opposite the Sherwood State School). We are the "shop with the dog" and yes, most days Lilly is on board as the welcoming committee!

We are primarily a teaching facility where we provide a stimulating and comfortable environment for artists to learn to paint and explore their creative abilities.

Our classes are informal and non-structured and our methods have beginners in immediate production mode so that most artists are inspired and very excited at the conclusion of their first class.

At Lilly-Lee Gallery our regular art classes, courses and workshops are structured to provide an opportunity for all entry levels (beginners to advanced). In our art studio and gallery in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood, our teaching methods are simplistic but put the artist into an immediate production mode as human nature demands something to show for their work quickly in the initial learning phase.

Art Classes and courses at Lilly-Lee Gallery in Brisbane are relaxed, informal and very addictive. We fast-track beginners to achieve amazing results immediately and thereby maintain their interest and enthusiasm.

Mature students can learn new techniques while being part of our art family. Students are encouraged to foster their own individuality and creativity by expanding on ideas taken from many sources. The gallery provides an environment for stress relief, somewhere to expand self-expression, gain self-esteem and receive technical advice. People who enjoy our Art Classes also enjoy our one-day Art Workshops.

For all your art and professional painting supplies Lilly-Lee Gallery in Brisbane's Western Suburbs stocks a great range of Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour paints and Pastels plus much more.

At Lilly-Lee we have everything an artist will need including canvas, brushes and paints. Easels and other items not kept in store can be ordered in. Our starter kits are a great bonus for beginners with some free gifts included.

Lilly-Lee stocks Jo Sonja, Atelier Interactive and Matisse Structure acrylic paints. Watercolour and Oil paints are by Art Spectrum. We also stock Windsor and Newton water-based oils.

Good quality canvas are stocked including Jasart, Artworks and Eastart.

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