Locked & Loaded Laser Games

Address: Golden Grove Golden Grove SA 5125
Phone: 0412 562 333
Email: lockandload@adam.com.au

Tags: laser skirmish

Locked & Loaded Laser Games is a family run business. The operators are Michael and Linda (AKA: Monkey & *KaBOOM*). Locked & Loaded Laser Games is one of Adelaide’s laser skirmish company.

Laser skirmish is a team based game similar to paint ball, unlike paint ball however, laser skirmish does not use any physical projectiles meaning it is clean and safe to play. The weapons fire a harmless infra-red beam similar to the remote controls founad in most homes. The weapons are self contained with head sensors. These sensors are light weight and attached to the player with the use of a head band, there are no vest to wear giving the player more freedom of movement.

Laser skirmish has the benefit of being team based which means it is a great team building exercise because it is all about communicating with teammates; being clean because only sensors are being used in knowing if one is already out of the game, thus it would not be messy; being safe because it is played in a controlled environment, thus lesser risk to injury; being fun and affordable.

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