Love Tilly Devine

Address: 91 Crown Lane Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9326 9297

Tags: wine bar

First and foremost love, tilly devine is a place to relax and engage in conversation or contemplation. It is not a place to go buck wild. Sydney has enough of those. It is a place to take a good friend or a prospective lover.

A place where you do not need to shout to be heard.

We have some fairly strong views on wine. Basically we think that wine should express the grapes from which it was made and the place where those grapes were grown. That means it should taste like fruit and herbs and flowers and minerals- not oak or alcohol. Even more important is that it should have balance.

The wine list is steadily growing and currently sits at around the 300 different wines from many of the world's terroirs - everywhere from the Yarra Valley to the Jura to Wachau. perhaps that's excessive for a 40-seat bar but we don't think so.

Also, we believe that wine should be enjoyed with food. we focus on seasonal, local produce. Treated simply and respectfully.

Lastly, the name. It's a fairly direct reference to the former East Sydney heavyweight - brothel madame and militia boss extraordinaire - Matilda (Tilly) Devine.

Not that we necessarily advocate what she used to do. Instead the name is more of a nod to the past and a salute to the neighbourhood we call home.

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