Moreton Bay Kiting

Address: Redlands QLD 4160
Phone: 0408 152 414 ?

Tags: kitesurfing lessons, kitesurfing

Moreton Bay Kiting* is a small, professional & independent kiteboard/kitesurf teaching business. The only instructor is the director, Trevor Jack. Lessons are conducted in Brisbane or Redlands on the shores of Moreton Bay.

Kiting in Moreton Bay is truly one of life's joys. Having enjoyed it so much I love to share the pleasure and excitement with others who wish to learn. Perhaps more importantly I want to help newcomers to the sport learn safely and with appropriate etiquette. It is important that the general public continue to enjoy watching what can be a beautiful and exciting spectacle in complete safety and that kiters continue to share Moreton Bay with other users generously & safely.

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