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Museum of Sydney

Address: 37 Phillip St Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9251 5988

Tags: museum, historical, archaeology, education

The house ruins of Governor Phillip, the first governor-general of Australia is where the Museum of Sydney is built on. The original house, built in 1788 was the first Government House of Australia and was finally exposed in the 1980s by some archaeologists.

Pictures, objects and new techniques in the digital media have made exploring the contemporary and colonial Sydney possible through the Museum of Sydney. Sydney’s panoramic views of present day and those from are being stretched across video screens and walls. A huge showcase of Convict Sydney is available and on display as more than 25 archaeology digs have recovered many chattels and goods.

A showcase of the Gadigal, the first people in Australia’s land, and the ways of how they sustained life, before they were in contact with other settlers, some 40,000 years ago, can be seen in the museum. The Gadigal’s ancestors have lived in and all over Sydney Cove, Warrane some thousand years even before the First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson.

Also present in the museum is the Edge of the Trees, an award-winning sculpture which interprets the site where the Aborigines and the people from the First fleet first made contact. Paintings, artifacts, soundscapes and film evoking present-day Aboriginal point of view on the past is also on display as one goes through the museum.

The AGL theatre of the Museum of Sydney has just upgraded with new furnishings, seating and AV facilities. The museum is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, making it an environment of style and innovation.

The Museum of Sydney is built on the ruins of the house of Australia's first governor-general, Governor Phillip. The original house, which was Australia's first Government House, was built in 1788 and exposed by archaeologists in the 1980s. The Museum of Sydney explores colonial and contemporary Sydney through objects, pictures and new digital media techniques. Panoramic views of Sydney - from 1788 until today - stretch across walls and video screens. Convict Sydney is explored in a giant showcase of goods and chattels recovered from more than 25 archaeology digs.

The Museum of Sydney (MOS) recently upgraded the AGL theatre with new seating, furnishings and audiovisual facilities. A modern museum built on an historic site - the site of first Government House the building incorporates the earliest foundations of British colonisation in Australia. In close proximity to Circular Quay, MOS offers the state-of-the-art facilities required for a successful event in a stylish and innovative environment.

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