Nan Tien Buddhist Temple

Address: 180 Berkeley Road Berkeley NSW 2506
Phone: 02 4272 0600

Tags: meditation, buddhism, temple

To propagate Buddhism through cultural activities

To foster talent through education

To benefit society

To purify hearts and minds through Buddhist practice

Nan Tien Temple known as ‚ÄúSouthern Paradise‚ÄĚ is the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

The temple focuses on the exchange of eastern and western cultures; the interchange of the traditional and the modern; and also the adaptation with the local communities. Not to mention, the nurturing and educating of devotees and the general public. Over the past ten years, Nan Tien Temple has become one of the favourite venue for religious study groups, school excursions and community group outings. Nan Tien Temple offers regular events, such as meditation retreats, excursions, art and craft classes etc. Nan Tien Temple is not only a place of Buddhists attraction in Sydney but also one of the most well known international tourist attractions. It attracts more than a few hundred thousand visitors from all over the world all year round. In addition, it plays an important role of propagating the Buddha Dharma and promoting the exchange and harmonization of the eastern and western cultures as well as all religions.

Dress code and etiquette for visitors

* Please wear appropriate attire, be suitably covered - no shorts, singlets ot thongs

* Please remove shoes and hats before entering the shrines

* Children are to be supervised at all times

* Picnics are not allowed within the Temple grounds

* No meat, fish, non-vegetarian products or alcohol are to be brought into the Temple grounds

* No smoking

* No photography or video recording inside the buildings

* No pets

Thank you for your cooperation.

May we be humble and grateful, with an immense heart pledged to service.

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