National Paintball Fields Blacksoil

Address: 16 Coach Lane Blacksoil QLD 4305
Phone: 07 3891 5366

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National Paintball Fields is the home of Paintball in Queensland

Set in 23 acres of natural bush we boast the best in mission scenarios, first class facilities and State of the Art equipment.

Our reputation and standards of safety, customer service and excellence are unsurpassed. We’ve been developing our exciting blend of action, strategy and adrenaline to SE QLD for over a decade, and we have built our reputation as one of the best fields in Australia. We now host paintball games for up to 240 people a day.

Although we have a strong membership which supports regular training days and our signature 12 Hour Scenario Events, many of the players in our group sessions are novices, and so you can be confident that you’ll never be out gunned or out manoeuvred –something that every beginner paintballer dreads.

Our friendly staff will guide you through the missions and are always at hand to make sure your get the most out of your paintball adventure….and you’ll leave with a greater understanding of firearms safety too - the Director, Geoff Schurer, is a firearms instructor so safety is paramount at NPF!

Located on the Brisbane Valley Highway in Blacksoil, just 40 minutes drive from the Brisbane CBD, we boast a variety of concept fields, including Village, Trenches, Firebase, Forts, Hell Camp, Cobras Nest and of course lots of bush!

If you’re looking for an Action-Packed Paintball Experience that you’ll never forget, book a game of paintball at NPF today!!

As long term importers of paintball guns and equipment, NPF has the edge to provide you with the latest in safety gear and semi-auto guns which are regularly maintained to the highest standards. ? ?Safety is paramount. Our qualified game managers control the games, supervise fair play and give helpful tips so you get the most out of your game! Many of our staff are avid paintballers and are passionate about educating players and promoting the sport. As the paintball guns are firearms we are governed by QLD Weapons Licensing. Many of our staff attend weapons act safety courses and First aid courses within our affiliated business Security institute. Needless to say, our professionalism and attention to safety is unrivalled!

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